The Eco-heroes and The Plastic Planet

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The Eco-heroes books are created and published in the UAE by a local author and illustrator team on 100% recyled paper using vegetable inks. The topics address the UNSDGs through raising awareness of recycling (e-waste in particular), food waste, plastic pollution and ocean conservation, water scarcity (in particular sustainable fashion) and clean energy.  (The 5th book is the only one which has not yet been written!). All other titiles are in English and Arabic, translated by a local Emirati author. The books also address topics in the UAE Moral Education and Social Studies Curriculum such as Arabic culture, family, friendship, diversity and inclusion, kindness, innovation, technology, climate change and sustainability.

The Plastic Planet specifically addresses plastic pollution (and microplastics) in the UAE and touches on shark, dolphin and turtle conservation along with beach cleaning and paddle boarding (and a whole lot of nonsense, of course!). Azraq is already a supporting partner of this book with its logo at the back.

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