Natural Kitchen Scrub Brush - Set of 4

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Commercial kitchen sponges are made from plastic, and with prolonged use, will breakdown into micro-plastics, and make its way into the ocean. Not to mention they accumulate and hold more bacteria than anywhere else in your home!

Never buy another disposable kitchen sponge again with this set of natural cleaning brushes. The brushes are all made from 100% plant coconut fibre bristles and sisal + bamboo wood handle. All the materials are plant based and biodegradable. Suitable for kitchen & bathroom use. These multi functional natural bristle brushes are non-scratching and highly durable.

Composition: 100% Bamboo and coconut fibre dish brush, pot brush, coconut plate brush & bottle / glass brush in a handy drawstring bag. No glues, no chemicals, no plastic and no guilt.

Safe to use in boiling water. Clean with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry completely after washing. Do not submerge in water for long periods of time. Do not place in dishwasher.