Eco Essentials GIFT Bundle for Kids

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This box contains essential eco alternatives to single use plastics - perfect for those who are interested in making the swap - but don't know where to begin! 

  • Kids Bamboo Toothbrush + Holder Set 

  • Kids Reusable Face Mask - Green Seashells 

  • Azraq Tote Bag 

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 750ml 

  • Camel Soap Factory - Seafoam Green - our NEW favourite zero waste soap!

  • NEW The Eco Heroes and the Plastic Planet Book - English

  • #Usefulutensils set - eco utensils for a school lunchbox!

These eco-essentials come in a zero plastic cardboard box, great for gifting!

Retail Value this box is AED 275

This bundle is set, and cannot be returned or exchanged for other items*