Coconut Bowls

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Natural, eco-friendly, coconut shells turned into beautiful, sustainable and reusable coconut bowls. Made by nature and crafted by hand. Our bowls are perfect for hot or cold foods, cereal, snacks, smoothie bowls, ice cream or salads. These are especially great for little ones, as they reduce the amount of plastic in your home, and won't break easily. Take these on your next camping trip, and use with our #Usefulutensils Starter Pack for a truly zero waste camping experience!

Composition: 100% Natural coconut bowl (smoothened by hand inside and out) No artificial glue or lacquer used.

Each bowl is approx 13 cm x 6.5 cm

Choose from our Azraq branded bowls with balancing ring, Unbranded bowls with balancing ring or basic bowl without balancing ring.