Bamboo Straws

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Our sustainable bamboo drinking straws are uniquely made from the bamboo stalks that have been thrown away by pandas (not machine made). These straws are from from premium high quality bamboo that is environmentally friendly without any harmful substances. Not only beautiful, but natural and durable. Ideal for smoothies, cocktails and parties with a sustainable theme. Ask your local barista to skip the straw, and bring your own!

Choose from a single big straw for smoothies, single regular straw, or set of 5.

A straw cleaner will help keep the straw clean (not included) Your set might include a mixture of thick or thin straws - if you have a preference of straw please contact us after placing your order.

Composition: 100% Natural bamboo. Each is approx 19.5 x 1 x 1cm.

Read more about our #stopsucking campaign, and take action on disposable, single use plastic straws today!