Bamboo + 100% Pure Cotton Buds

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Each day, approximately 1.5 billion single use, plastic cotton buds are produced worldwide. After use, these are not disposed of correctly, and may end up in our oceans. Many of us have seen the upsetting image of the seahorse clinging onto a plastic cotton bud in the ocean. It is no secret that commercial plastic cotton buds are amongst the top types of marine litter. This small, seemingly insignificant piece of single-use plastic can cause major damage to animals, and have been found ingested by sea turtles, birds, other animals and may take up to 300 years to decompose!

Switch to a more environmentally friendly, plastic free and cost competitive option such as bamboo and cotton swabs.

Composition: Bamboo + 100% Pure Cotton Buds

100pcs per box.

6.7 cm in length