100% Zero Waste Natural Camel Milk Soap

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In collaboration with The Camel Soap Factory, we have taken ZERO WASTE to a whole new level, with our 100% natural, reprocessed, sustainably sourced, locally made camel milk soaps. These are the perfect zero waste alternative for body and hand wash or shower gel. Great for the entire family. Available in light blue, dark blue and natural (un-dyed). 

Many companies brag about their environmental credentials, shout about sustainability and generally parade their eco-credentials to the world. Some are genuine, but sadly just as many use the buzzwords as a way of pulling business in, paying lip service for marketing reasons.

Manufacturing can be a wasteful business. Whilst Camel Soap Factory keeps their waste to a minimum with their luxury handmade soaps, there is always an imperfect top layer which can’t be packaged and sold. Similarly, the beginning and end of runs of soaps on their milling machines generate a few kilograms of excess soap. Both are perfectly useable but not very 'pretty'.

They use the highest quality raw ingredients and fragrances, so it seemed a shame to throw them away and went against our principles of zero waste.

These reprocessed soaps, now available with us at Azraq (here, online OR at one of our pop-up retail stalls) are a result of reprocessing these high quality leftovers to make NEW beautiful useable soaps. Fragrances from the essential oils might sometimes get a little mixed but that is half the fun!

Composition: 100% Natural sustainably sourced camel milk, natural essential oils, natural colourants and truly zero waste packaging. Approx 75g each.